Guiding Children Towards Achieving Their Goals

Learn to tackle the challenges of today’s world with Krav Maga self-defence martial arts classes that teach discipline and confidence to the next generation.

At Krav Maga Somerset, we are dedicated to guiding children on their path to achieving their goals. Our commitment to empowerment goes beyond teaching self-defense techniques; we strive to instill confidence, discipline, and resilience in every child. Through our specialised Krav Maga program, children learn valuable life skills that go hand in hand with their Krav Maga training.

We create a safe and supportive environment where children can push their limits, overcome challenges, and discover their true potential. Our experienced instructors provide expert guidance, helping children build confidence in their abilities while fostering a sense of empowerment.


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With a strong focus on character development, we emphasise values such as respect, integrity, and perseverance, equipping children with the tools they need to succeed not just in Krav Maga, but in all aspects of life.

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Our Comprehensive Training Approach

At Krav Maga Somerset, we are dedicated to empowering children and igniting their fitness journey. Through our comprehensive training approach, we blend effective self-defence techniques with dynamic workouts, fostering physical strength, endurance, and overall well-being in a fun and engaging environment.

Our training sessions for children are designed to be enjoyable and energetic, combining Krav Maga techniques with interactive activities and games.
Our program focuses not only on physical development but also on nurturing confidence and self-esteem in children.
Our instructors are experienced in tailoring training to suit each age group, ensuring that exercises, techniques, and drills are age-appropriate and engaging.
Our training not only improves physical fitness but also educates children on the importance of nutrition, hydration, and overall wellness.